Gender Justice


In societies emerging from authoritarian rule or conflict, gender-based violence often remain high or even escalate. Despite the signing of peace agreements and the adoption of new provisions to protect human rights, women’s access to justice remains elusive. In many countries in Asia women have suffered under during conflict. Women have been directly and indirectly victimized, and the legacy of this violence exacerbates the poverty suffered by many of these victims. Victimization persists long after conflicts have ended and dictators have disappeared. In many contexts, women victims continue to suffer the denial of justice, a lack of recognition, and the resulting dearth of programs and policies designed to address their specific needs and interests.

AJAR is conducting an action research project to understand how women victims in conflict/ post-conflict settings experience impunity, develop strategies for survival, and find ways to empower themselves. The research project created a “learning circle” for some 25 women (10 from Indonesia, 10 from Timor-Leste and 5 from Myanmar/Burma) who are actively engaged in working with survivors or who are survivors themselves. In total some 140 women survivors have taken part in this participatory research project. The research findings will be finalized and published in 2015.

AJAR is also active in regional networks on women, peace and security.

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