Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is recovering from the effects of decades of civil war and mass human rights violations, particularly those which occurred during the last months of the war. The post-conflict period has provided a context in which civil society advocates are struggling to establish a base of accountability and justice for victims of serious violations. These factors are essential elements for the nation to achieve the goals of reconciliation and a culture of accountability, respect and inclusiveness.

AJAR has chosen to work together with civil society in Sri Lanka to develop initiatives to prevent the  recurrence of conflict and perpetration of atrocities, including torture. AJAR’s work in Sri Lanka further includes a number of missions in which lessons from other transitions from armed conflict and mass violations were shared with a wide range of counterparts representing different ethnic, religious and social groups as well as high-ranking government officials, members of parliament and a range of civil society counterparts. A series of trainings on transitional justice have been delivered in Colombo to civil society groups from various areas of the country. Sri Lankan counterparts have also participated in AJAR’s regional transitional justice trainings at its full-time learning centre in Bali, Indonesia.

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